$CAT Token’s Halloween present

CAT Token
1 min readOct 31, 2021
A happy $CAT Token Halloween to you!

Hello dear #Catizens, we are so excited to have more and more members in our cool community! We welcome all newcomers with open claws….errr…. paws! Come be contributors, active community members, memers, designers, developers, or simply join us for the love of cat gifs!!!

We have a quick update for you.

This Halloween, in the interest of cats, transparency, and consistency, we have relocked liquidity for another entire year (see snapshot below). Yes, we are here to stay and our second year is going great! We look forward to using crypto to benefit all cats- domestic and wild.

Here is the link to Locked Liquidity.

As, always, steer clear of scammers and others claiming to be us. We are only on the Ethereum network.

Happy Halloween!

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Etherscan, Website, Twitter, Telegram, Announcements, Youtube, Original Whitepaper, NFT Whitepaper, Mooncat Twitter (Mascot of CAT Token)

Official NFT Links — Bakeryswap, Ghostmarket

Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Dextools, Locked Liquidity

$CAT Token liquidity locked from Halloween 2021 to Halloween 2022



CAT Token

Created in August 2020, The CAT Token is a meme token with a focus on conservation, animal welfare, NFTs, and more. Call us the crypto antidoge if you will!