CAT Token

Why CAT Token

Cat Token was created as a meme token with a focus on conservation and animal welfare. Blockchain is a unique industry where we can explore how to empower users of our product— from FIAT currency to Ethereum to Cat Token, value is transferred across digital platforms. By growing our community, we plan for Cat Token to expand in its reach to you and our beneficiaries in charities. We envision new ways to grow digital asset models such as NFTs, to benefit our users, cats and other animals, charities, and conservation organizations. We are here to stay as long as there is love for cats in the world!

Who is Mooncat

Mooncat Comic
Mooncat Comic
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Cat Token has limited supply with no pre-mined tokens. Deflationary tokens such as Bitcoin and Hoge Finance reward early adopters and speculators. Inflationary tokens such as dogecoin are designed to reward miners, and result in diluting the holdings of investors. Cat Token aims to reward long-term hodlers, who want to have ownership in a community striving to advance the welfare of cats, and conservation, and meanwhile have their own token assets appreciate.

CAT Token Distribution — August 2020

How we roll

CAT Token is entirely community driven. Which means YOU help decide our direction and plan of action. Any community member can rise to become a community leader by taking initiatives and responsibility. Our team is made up of such anonymous community leaders and contributors.

Where can I hold Cat Token?

Any Wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens will support CAT- for example Coinbase wallet, Metamask, and Ecto.

Where can I buy Cat Token?

You can currently buy Cat Token on Uniswap, Bilaxy, and Crex24 exchanges. Make sure the contract is the right one by verifying it on Etherscan. Avoid counterfeits and scams.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. This contrasts with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and many network utility tokens, that are fungible in nature — one bitcoin can be exchanged equally for another bitcoin. Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership, and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms. NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items like crypto art, digital collectible, and online gaming.

What is the Wildcats NFT Series

CAT Token Wildcat NFTs
CAT Token Wildcat NFTs
CAT Token Wildcat NFTs

Useful CAT Token links

Etherscan, Website, Twitter, Telegram, Announcements, Youtube, Original Whitepaper, NFT Whitepaper, Mooncat Twitter (Mascot of CAT Token)


The CAT token which you are reading about is a social experiment in the DeFi industry. What this means is that you should complete research and trading decisions on your own. CAT token does not provide financial, legal or other advice. All information provided here about CAT token is for the CAT token community and the charities who may benefit from donations made by the development team. Please do not overextend yourself when becoming involved in this project financially or otherwise. No one from the CAT token team will ever recommend buying or selling CAT Token for any purpose, or ask you for money. Our team would probably tell you to pet or adopt a cat or get one of those large cat house tree things that will be too big for your living room.

Created in August 2020, The CAT Token is a meme token with a focus on conservation, animal welfare, NFTs, and more. Call us the crypto antidoge if you will!